My SPCA Fosters!

In 2007 I lost my best friend Polly, to a blood platelet disease common in white Toy Poodles.  It broke my heart beyond words & I never thought I’d get over it.  After several months of crying my eyes out I decided to look into volunteering at the Houston SPCA to help me get through my grief.

Each volunteer has to go through an orientation process that lasts a majority of an afternoon.  They discuss the different departments, what choices we have in volunteering, hours each month we need to commit, dog behavior & other information that would make us better volunteers.  Of course half way through, they talk about some of the sad & tragic situations we would see & how to handle them.  I don’t know that there’s ever anything that can prepare you for the way others treat animals – it’s despicable – but being an animal shelter they needed to prepare us for anything.

My first day at the SPCA I started off walking some of the big dogs who were waiting for adoption.  We try to walk every single dog at least once a day, which as you can imagine can be a pretty big task! Once I felt like I was ready, I decided to try out being a foster mom to some needy dogs.  These dogs are normally the ones that are either sick & need to get well before adoption, have had surgery & need to recover, have been at the shelter for a while & just need some time in a calm environment, and some are puppies that are still too young to be adopted.  I was very anxious about being a foster mom because how can you not fall in love with each & every dog you bring home?!  I mean, we were keeping these dogs for at least 2 weeks, sometimes 2 months!  I just didn’t see how I was going to do be able to do it.

You have to go into being a foster mom knowing that you will not be keeping your foster & that you are preparing this dog to be the best pet & to have the best home they can!  With that in mind, you know you’re doing a good thing and it makes you feel OK with letting them go.  For me, I try to keep in touch with some of the parent’s of my fosters…creating my own sort of extended family.

If you’ve ever considered volunteering at a shelter or being a foster for a shelter animal, don’t hesitate!  There are so many out there that need your help & I promise, you can ask for a better pick-me-up! Below are some of the fosters that brought me a ton of joy!!

Lucky & Gracie; Barkley; 6 Puppies I names after the UT Longhorns Football starting line-up

Charlie (renamed Riley) - One of my favorites. He's also pictured here with his new best friend!

My babies started out as fosters too. These are them as puppies - Stevie & (believe it or not) Carly!

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