What areas do you service?

Genuine Canine services the following neighborhoods: Inside 610 Loop, Oak Forest & Garden Oaks, Galleria & Memorial.  If you live just out of these areas, by all means ask!  I may be able to work something out for you, depending on your needs.

When do you walk dogs?

That’s totally up to you…I’m flexible!  Some of the clients prefer a visit in the late morning, others around noon, and others late afternoon.  I’m also available around the clock when you leave town, or if you have to work late one night.

What about weekends?

No problem!  I know life doesn’t stop on the weekends.  So feel free to take that weekend trip.  (Just give me 5 day’s notice, and you’re good to go!)

Do you visit in nasty weather?

Don’t worry, I won’t melt…& this is Houston after all, so wait 5 minutes!  If it rains, remember to leave out a towel so I can dry off your genuine canine.  If your pet hates the rain, we’ll just go out for a quick potty break and spend the rest of the time playing inside.   In extreme weather, services may be modified for the safety of everyone involved.

What is included in the visit?

The visit includes everything your pets need for a safe and engaging time while you are out of town.  For dogs it includes walking, playtime, ear scratches, tummy rubs, fresh water, feeding and brushing if needed.  For cats, visits include litter maintenance, feeding, fresh water, playtime and cuddles.  Also, basic house maintenance is included to keep your house looking lived in.  If you have a pet that isn’t a feline or a canine, no worries.  I’m good with all kinds…turtles, birds, bunnies and fish.

How many times a day will you visit?

That’s totally up to you!  Normal visiting hours are between 7AM and 7PM.  I require at least 2 visits per day for dogs (per full day you are out of town), but 3 is recommended. (Your dog will recommend it too!)  If your dog is crated, I require three daily visits.   I require once a day visitation for cats, but they’ll never argue with two visits a day.   We’re completely flexible to meet your needs.  You can have us stop by once, twice, three or four times – it’s up to you.  I also provide overnight sleepovers for your genuine canine!

How do you keep my home and possessions secure?

Your security is one of my top priorities.  I will not wear any type of promotional or advertising clothing into your home.  Advertising pet sitting via clothing while making pet care visits simply sends a clear sign to would-be-intruders, “This person is not home.” When you leave town for extended periods of time, I’m happy to rotate blinds, alternate lights & bring in the mail.

I’m heading out of town and need to book pet sitting services, how do I do that?  What do you offer?

Just give me a call or shoot me an email.  Most dog walking clients also use me for pet sitting when they head out of town.  Your pooch will get to hang out with an old and trusted friend, me!  Remember to give as much notice as possible.  I can visit your best friend multiple times day (three is usually best for dogs), or spend the night in your house for some around the clock Genuine Crazy Time!

What if I need to cancel?  How do I add an extra walk or service?

No worries.  There are no penalties for canceled mid-day walks as long as I receive notice before 8:00 am.  If you need to add an extra walk, simply book it 48 hours before and you’re good to go.  If you need to cancel a pet sitting service please call 48 hours prior.

When is payment due?  What types of payment do you accept?

For those going out of town & needing pet sitting services, payment is due upfront & before service is provided.  For the regular scheduled dog walking clients, you will be invoiced bi-weekly & payment is due within one week of receiving the invoice.  I accept cash or check (payable to Jennifer Graves).


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