Pet Sitting Services

Genuine Good Time: 30 Minute Visit – $15

You’ll be surprised at how much madness can be crammed into a half hour!  If you have a genuine canine, this is a perfect amount of time for a bit of exercise, playtime and feeding.  If you have a genuine feline a half hour allows us to do all the necessary stuff: scoop the litter & refresh the water and food.  (Price includes one dog or two cats – $3 per extra dog or cat.)

Genuine Rowdy Time: 1 Hour Visit – $25

If we can pack madness into a half hour, imagine what we can do with a full hour!  This is great for those who need a bit more TLC or exercise, special needs or separation anxiety.  If you’d like your genuine canine to get some serious playtime, a long walk or a trip to the dog park is ideal during this hour.  After this one-on-one time, your pet will probably need a good, long nap!  (Price includes one dog or two cats – $5 per extra dog or cat.)

Genuine Crazy Time: Overnight – $65  (12 Hour Sleep Over: 7pm-7am or 8pm-8am)

This is a great option for genuine canines or felines with separation anxiety (or for genuine parents who want overnight care, but are skittish about leaving their pets in kennels).  Your pet will stay in his/her home environment with all of its tastes, smells and familiarity to ease separation anxiety.  The sleep-over includes as many walks as needed, feeding, fresh water, and a TON of attention, kisses, snuggles and play time.  Most parents add on some mid-day visits for an around the clock Genuine Marathon.  (Price includes one dog or two cats – $5 per extra dog or cat.)

**I require at least once-a-day visitation for genuine felines.  For the well-being of your cat, we will not skip days.   At least two visits per day is required for dogs, but we recommend at least three visits (per full day you are away) for dogs.  (Three visits per day is required if the dog is crated.)  The minimum requirements are rooted in the well-being of your pet.


If you think being a stay-at-home dog is all fun and games, think again!  Waiting for the mailman, sitting on the couch, and trying not to chew on the furniture can be “ruff” on a genuine canine day in & day out.  It can lead to bad things.   Like actually chewing that couch.  Or eating the mail!  That’s where I come in…

I can visit Monday through Friday, specific days depending on your schedule (i.e. just Monday, Wednesday and Friday), or varied days if your schedule is unpredictable.  A visit includes feeding, fresh water, walk/playtime, training reinforcement and a daily note to let you know what we did, who we met, where we went, and what we saw.   Oh – and don’t worry – I’m around 24/7 should you need to work late, go out for dinner, or take an extended out-of-town trip over the weekend.

Remember…Genuine Canine is your best-friend back up when you can’t be there!


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